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5 tips to integrate video into your digital strategy

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Everyone agrees that video is the most important format in the digital world. But no one seems to agree on the best way to integrate it into their strategy. That’s why we share 5 tips to integrate video into your digital strategy that the ICO team has developed after 30 years of corporate communication and content marketing.

Currently, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool (Hubspot) and, According to Cisco, by 2022 digital video will make up more than 82% of consumption traffic on the network. However, many brands and companies find it difficult to integrate into their digital ecosystem.

At ICO, our experience in digital communication has allowed us to detect what we consider to be the five most common problems when it comes to making video, as well as effective solutions to address them and execute a successful digital strategy.

Tip #1: Video is a tool, not a strategy

On corporate boards, video strategy is often spoken of as if it were independent, or at least autonomous, of digital communication strategy. This is a basic mistake that condemns most initiatives to fail. Video is simply a tool, and should complement the digital strategy, which in turn has to be aligned with business objectives.

Consider an online university whose goal is to give credibility to your brand to increase enrollment. A key tactic would be to share testimonials from their graduates – textually and videowise – on their page, landing pages and social media. In this way, the video becomes more of a tactic within a strategy, rather than pre ante.

Tip #2: Content determines format, not the other way around

Another common mistake is wanting to use video, or a particular video format, simply because we like or have worked for others. The first thing to do is to establish what you want to communicate, and then find the best way to communicate it.

In the example above, testimonial video is used because it is a good way for the user to see people giving their testimony of lively voice, which gives even more credibility to the brand.

Tip #3: It’s not about spending a lot or little, it’s about what’s needed

This is every supplier’s coconut. One of two, either the customer wants to spend the entire budget on a single video or doesn’t want to spend a penny in a hundred. In both cases, the result of this pendulum is the same: disappointment. That’s why it’s so important to determine why you want to use video and for what purpose, before you see costs. It is also important to have reasonable expectations about the results.

In this regard, there are ways to exercise your budget intelligently, like the following.

Tip #4: Don’t produce single-use videos; build them with recyclable materials

If there never seem to be enough resources to make video, it’s usually because each content tends to be done from scratch. Therefore, when the idea is to produce many videos, the recommendation is to make a digital library: photos, clips, testimonials, etc. These will be the times of blocks with which to assemble such contents.

Think of a medium or large company that needs video content to feed their social networks throughout the year. If, instead of producing each video independently, you perform a periodic survey of images and testimonials, you can assemble these elements in different ways to make multiple pieces.

Tip #5: Virality is the exception, not the rule

Giving money to an agency that promises you virality is like lending it to someone knowing that he’s a gambling addict, except that the bettor is more likely to succeed. And virality, when it appears, is almost always on the shoulders of many other contents. So so the virality percentage of sites like Buzzfeed is usually less than 1%. That’s why, instead of betting all the chips to red, we recommend building community with consistent publishing of quality content.

At ICO we make video content for customers as diverse as film sites, pharmaceutical companies and universities. If you want to know more, we invite you to explore this site, write us an email or send us a message through one of our social networks (Ln




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