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ICO, established in 1990, is a full-service content and communication agency that handles both traditional media and the increasing demands of the digital world.

Imagen y Comunicación Organizacional (ICO)

ICO specializes in digital communication and content marketing, plus corporate and brand communication. It strikes the perfect balance between experienced and knowledgeable communicators and the driving input of a digital team, while taking full advantage of the skills and experience of business and corporate journalists.

This places us in a unique position to help you conceptualize communication and marketing strategies for social media, develop advertising and create all kinds of printed and digital publications.

Our journalistic approach and intellectual curiosity drive us to obtain an in-depth knowledge of our clients and their stakeholders and consumers, including the nature and characteristics of their products and services.

As content creators and message interpreters, we are always updating and on the hunt for new skills and information to help you navigate the waters of digital communication.

javier mier´icoimagen ico

Luis Javier Mier Vega


A recipient of Mexico’s National Cultural Journalism Prize (1985), Javier has a BA in Communication Sciences (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City) and a master’s degree in Communication and Digital Journalism (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid). He considers himself a “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” intent on mastering the art of communication. He has written several books and film scripts, has taught university courses and is always in search for something new to learn. He loves telling and being told stories. Inveterately curious, he has yet to find a subject that does not pique his interest. After more than 40 years of professional experience, his passion for communication is only matched by his love of soccer.
icoimagen ico lolis carbonell

Dolores Carbonell

Editorial Director

A graduate in Communication Sciences from the Universidad Iberoamericana, she also holds a diploma in Total Quality from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). Dolores is a full-time writer who has spent her life pen in hand. She started by learning corporate and journalistic languages as director of Expansión magazine and collaborating with a dozen magazines in Mexico. Then, she focused on researching to achieve mastery of new media
that combine business and marketing content. Winner of the National Fine Arts Cultural Journalism Award (1985), she is also the author of fantasy and Squonk novels, and of witches' tales.
icoimagen ico jorge diaz

Jorge Ruiz Esparza

Editorial Projects

An avid reader of books and watcher of films, he is also an enthusiast of IT media. As such, he develops special projects involving multimedia contents. His professional experience includes editing and publishing, both in magazines (he was editorial director of Escala, Aeromexico’s inflight magazine for 16 years) and books. He specializes in bilingual, Spanish and English communication. As a writer, he has published novels, essays and poetry. He has an MA in Latin American Studies (King’s College, London), and teaches post-graduate courses in subjects such as design, semiotics and publishing.
icoimagen ico edgar apanco

Edgar Apanco

Content Creative and Editor

Edgar Apanco (@elapanco) is a film and series buff, as well as a box-office numbers enthusiast. He is also a lover of neologisms. He studied Communication and has a master’s degree in Educational Technologies for Corporate Training by the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). He has contributed in Escala (Aeromexico’s inflight publication), CEO Club and Valor (by Citi Banamex) magazines. Edgar was editor-in-chief of Alto Nivel and editorial director of Inversionista magazines. He teaches at ITESM and writes (religiously) weekly box office analyses for Cine PREMIERE. He (very much) loves parentheses. He (very much) loves parentheses.
icoimagen ico yulia espin

Yulia Espín

Brand Journalism

With a degree in Communication Sciences from the Universidad Iberoamericana and studies in Emotional Education, Yulia has worked as a professional freelance journalist and editor for the last 20 years. She is a dancer and yogi, and also teaches vegetarian cuisine workshops. Apart from very much enjoying her family, she is a collector of close friends.
icoimagen ico alejandro espinosa de los Monteros

Alejandro Espinosa

Art and graphic design

He is a one-man army. Alejandro considers design a language in itself that goes beyond the execution of visual projects. A professor at Universidad Iberoamericana and winner of awards such as the Gold Quill Award from the International Association of Business Communications (IABC), he is also a serious fan of superheroes with a particular fixation on Spider-Man.
icoimagen ico carlos estrada

Carlos Estrada

Digital Platforms

icoimagen ico maría elena noriega

María Elena Noriega

Corporate Communications

With a degree in Communications from Universidad Anáhuac, María Elena began her career as a journalist at Expansión magazine. For seven years, she directed internal communications at Comermex (now Scotiabank Mexico) and later accumulated experience in coordinating publications and editorial strategies and products for clients such as Santander Bank and Gigante, Coca-Cola and Grupo Carso, among others. A member of ICO for more than three years, she writes and sings at the slightest provocation.
icoimagen ico alejandro mier

Alejandro Mier Carbonell

Marketing and Advertising

A lover of comics, video games and the moving image, Alejandro is a content strategist specializing in advertising copywriting. With a degree in Journalism from ITESM and a master’s degree in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, he has worked as a bilingual creative for U.S. agencies and developed content for accounts such as Laureate International Universities, Western Union and Stripes.
icoimagen ico laura mier

Laura Mier Carbonell

Content Creative and Editor

Addicted to stories in every shape and form (novels, series, movies), Laura is a creative specialist in scriptwriting for television. She has a degree in Journalism from ITESM, a master in Humanities from the Universidad Anáhuac and a master in Melodramatic Scriptwriting from the Universidad Iberoamericana and Televisa. She has worked as an editor for several magazines and created content for clients such as Aeromexico, Liverpool, UVM and UNITEC. She has a degree in Journalism from ITESM, a master in Humanities from the Universidad Anáhuac and a master in Melodramatic Scriptwriting from the Universidad Iberoamericana and Televisa. She has worked as an editor for several magazines and created content for clients such as Aeromexico, Liverpool, UVM and UNITEC.
Agustín Aguilar | ICO: Inteligencia Creativa

Agustín Aguilar De Luca


A lover of music, sports and tattoos, Agustín is a chameleon who feels equally comfortable as a lawyer and administrator as singing in a rock band. Graduated in Law from the Marist University and Master in Administration and Finance from the UVM, he has worked for various offices and notaries as well as in companies such as MVS and Corporativo Linces.
icoimagen ico sandra morales

† Sandra Morales Llano

Account Planning

With a degree in Journalism from ITESM, a master's degree in Administration and a master's degree in Educational Development, Sandra has been able to get to know the organizational culture of some twenty companies and government agencies from the inside, thanks to her freelance spirit and her work as a teacher. Her comings and goings have helped her to master the art of public relations, so she also in charge of managing client-agency relationships.