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Why attraction is important in marketing

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Although marketers often focus on conversion, attraction is the most important thing in the marketing funnel.


The sales funnel serves to define the path your buyer walks from visiting your website for the first time until you make a purchase. The stages of this funnel may be given different names, but can be summarized in: attraction, consideration, conversion (purchase) and loyalty. Each of the stages has a definite purpose and, as you’ll see, attraction is the most important thing in the marketing funnel.

It is a fact that marketers are tasked with focusing on conversion. However, if you don’t recognize the importance of attraction, getting customers will be much more complicated.


The attraction in marketing: no spark, no relationship

Without attraction there is no compromise. When two people embark on a long-term relationship, it’s because they’re convinced it’s going to work. To get to that, they go through several stages that turn the mutual attraction into something more serious and defined. Over time, they make the decision and make compromises on how they will relate in the future. But none of that happens if you don’t start with the attraction: what things do I see in that person that I like and make me feel comfortable with her?

The same is true in the complex process that leads a person to become a potential customer of your company and, in the long run, a buyer of your products or services. After meeting you and undertaking an internal deliberation process, you conclude that you can establish a long-term relationship with you, forming it through the purchase.

As in the case of couple relationships, the process begins with a stage of attraction. What do this product and the company that manufactures it have that make me feel comfortable with them? Thus, that first “coup de vista” is essential and hence the attraction in marketing is so important to get customers,although we can not always see immediate consequences. In addition, we know that a considerable number of potential customers need to be attracted so that only a few of them become buyers.


Remember to run the entire sales funnel

In today’s marketing, we know and engage with prospects through digital media, such as websites, blogs and social networks. However, a quick look at most websites reveals something that doesn’t make sense: they often target people who are about to make the purchase decision. In terms of the sales funnel, they concentrate everything on the part dedicated to those who have already been thinking about what they need and who can provide them.

What’s the problem with a sales funnel aimed almost exclusively at turning the need into sales? It is simply letting go of many potential customers, because the purpose of the wider segments of the funnel (attraction and consideration) is to attract people who are not very aware of having a need, or how they might satisfy it. These people are going to fall into our place to leave immediately if he’s armed just to secure conversion.

An example that illustrates this phenomenon very well are the sites dedicated to tourist businesses, from hotels, cruises and resorts to theme parks and lines areas. Generally, these sites forget that traveling for pleasure is a process very similar to infatuation, and neglect attraction. They think their audience has already decided they want to travel and are simply looking for the most practical and inexpensive options at their fingertips.

Thus, on these sites we immediately find offers, package types, prices, date options and booking modalities, perhaps some details about the service they offer, but rarely useful information and a narrative that makes us understand that those who promote it could be magnificent travel companions.


From flirtation to customer loyalty

In the background, a tour company sells travel experiences and not rooms per night. As a hotel, as a resort, even as an airline or as a destination,you need to show that you can be the best travel companion.

One case that can help you understand how this approach works are Room Matehotels, which are born in Spain and now have branches and partner hotels in several countries around the world. Each of its properties is named after a person, and obeys a character, interests, a way of being, even a neighborhood of the city where it is located (this is especially true in Madrid, where the concept arose).

Thus, Alba defines he is defined as “the prettiest in Madrid” and “a lover of art in all its expressions”. The hotel is located in a central street with a lot of cultural offer and surrounded by pedestrian paths. For its part, Elscar is in the converted Chueca district, center of the gay move and close to museums such as the Thyssen and gourmet markets such as San Antón. They define it as a “night bird, cosmopolitan, modern and very outgoing”. All this is supported by a blog, You Are It, oriented to ideas, alternatives and concrete experiences in the destinations where Room Mate has hotels.


Want to have more customers? Invest in attraction!

No matter what product or service you offer, it’s important to build empathy with your potential customers in all your digital media. You need to seduce them to lure them to your site and keep them on your site. In addition, you have to give them useful content to convince the people that you can be good company and meet their needs.

As we have said, it is not enough to have digital media or to pose them as a funnel if all its phases are not adequately addressed. Therefore, attraction is the most important thing in the marketing funnel, even if it is the furthest stage of the sale. It’s that indefinite zone where people decide whether you’re someone worth knowing or not.


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