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Storytelling tool: the art of storytelling

There is too much storytelling that does not meet the minimum requirements to be. If you use it properly, this story-telling tool will give you good results. The sooner you know, the better: storytelling is a storytelling tool, not a magic wand with which you instantly gain the enthusiasm and commitment of your audience. It is simply a tool based…

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The best marketing content is not perfect

Want to create better marketing content? The key is to stop looking for perfection.   When you're creating content to promote a brand and deliver value to potential customers, seeking perfection is a very dangerous trap. Why? Because you end up walking to a dead end. Thus, the best marketing content is those that you launch by privileging speed over...
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Why attraction is important in marketing

Although marketers often focus on conversion, attraction is the most important thing in the marketing funnel.   The sales funnel serves to define the path your buyer walks from visiting your website for the first time until you make a purchase. The stages of this funnel may be given different names, but can be summarized in: attraction, consideration, conversion (purchase)…

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