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Enchúme the text: euphemism

por March 12, 2023No Comments

What is euphemism?

Google says: A softer or decorous word or expression with which another considered taboo, in bad taste, rude or too frank is replaced. It’s about saying “the same thing, but prettier,” taking away the offensive, or maybe less naco. This is euphemism. And it’s used more than you believe in content marketing.

For example: It’s not that “it’s ugly”: it’s experimental. We don’t have one: we have a thousand reasons to recommend a service. It’s not just a product: it’s our best ally.

Without realizing it, when generating content we resort – invariably – to the use of rhetorical figures in language: we compare, exaggerate, camouflage things in a certain way (“so that it doesn’t sound ugly”); we change the natural order of prayers “to rhyme”; we give human characteristics to objects “to make them nearest “; we exaggerate the attributes “to make it look best“… Anyway: we use an entire arsenal (aha: comparison and hyperbole) of resources to attract our audiences.

Speaking of content marketing; this time we start with euphemism. Yes: that figure that instead of “discounts” (oh, what a naco!) offers “specialsales”,or that instead of “ugly babies” (because there are, THERE, really) observes “funny babies”.

For the next installment of Enchúme the text, we will see other literary resources that can also be used in storytelling.

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