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Expert Translator-editors

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Knowing the language is not enough. For your content to retain its essence, strength and impact, it is necessary to have a team that goes beyond mere translation


We strive for audiences to experience the translated content as if it had been originally created in Spanish.


With that goal in mind, more than translators, the members of ICO’s translating team are professional translator-editors with years of accumulated experience in the publishing world, and the ability to get your message across to all corners of the Latin American market.

Expert Translator-editors


who fully immerse themselves in the fields and areas that the content demands, such as marketing, entertainment, data science, etc.


who interpret and disseminate complex information for diverse audiences.


who retain the persuasive elements and sales approach of the materials they work with.


who unify terminologies and style to preserve the content’s essence.


who seek precision over literality.

Types of translation

All of our translations are done by a translator with editorial experience and reviewed by a project editor.

Translation A

Basic and correct translation of source content whose objective is to provide information.
Examples: manuals, instruction booklets, product descriptions, etc.

Translation B

Translation and localization of content on various topics that requires a certain degree of research by the translator and editor, as well as localization for diverse markets.
Examples: marketing materials, educational materials, annual reports, entertainment, etc.

Translation C

Translation, localization and research of specialized topics that require some type of certification and/or expertise in specific areas.
Examples: legal documents, healthcare, computer science, hard sciences, etc.


icoimagen ico laura mier
Director of the Translation Department

Laura Mier Carbonell

A journalist and a lover of stories in all formats, Laura has a career in print and digital media. She was editor of the magazine Escala (Aeroméxico), lifestyle editor ofAlto Nivel and editorial director of Eve (British license). She currently serves as director of the ICO translation department where she coordinates a pool of translators/editors who have translated more than 3 million words for institutions such as Berkeley, MIT, Columbia, and Cambridge.
icoimagen ico jorge diaz

Jorge Ruiz Esparza

He has worked in various agencies and media, as well as in higher education institutions in both Mexico and the United Kingdom. It develops multi-platform editorial and content marketing projects (from traditional printing to social networks and digital media). Coordinates and carries out translation projects from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.
icoimagen ico alejandro mier

Alejandro Mier Carbonell

A lover of cinema, series, video games and all forms of audiovisual narrative, Alejandro has a Master in Advertisement from the University of Texas at Austin, and has carried out bilingual and localization campaigns for clients such as Western Union, Stripes and Harvard Medical School. Coordinates and carries out translation projects from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

Our main translators


Sergio Huidobro

Journalist, translator, academic and storyteller passionate about the publishing, audiovisual and international art markets. Degree in communication with a M.A. in Latin American Studies, he has been part of the Cannes Critics' Week Team and international festivals such as Cannes, Morelia and the City of Segovia European Film Festival. A collaborator of publications such as La Tempestad, La Jornada, Reforma and Cine Premiere, he is passionate about cultural industries that promote creative work with social and environmental responsibility.

José Manuel Valiñas

Editorial director, screenwriter, editor and columnist. He is an international politics columnist at El Universal and writes about technology and science in El Economista. Director of the magazine Inversionista for 12 years, he was the editor of the Travel section of Milenio Diario and a consultant forInternational Finance Corporation (IFC), Banco Mundial. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the publication Algarabía,and the author of the book La revolución sexual (Lectorum, 2016).

Teresa Martínez Arana

Passionate about language, especially the printed word, she has specialized as an editor, proofreader and translator of the most varied topics. She also edits entire publications alongside teams of designers, photographers and illustrators. For her, the best definition of translation is “the interpretation given to a text”. Therefore, she is convinced that the best translator is the one who masters its own language.

Mirta Ripol

Editor specialized in architecture, restoration, energy and lighting. He has taught at the University of Nottingham and is currently taking a postgraduate course in Architecture at UNAM. Translator of art, business, marketing and education topics and contributor to the magazine Escala (Aeroméxico) andCómo funciona, (British license).

William Turner

Producer and journalist. A collaborator for international media such as CNN and Forbes, in addition to various magazines specializing in architecture, personal finance and entertainment. He is currently developing content for the animation industry, video games and pop culture. He is also a fan of podcasts, streaming, and an aspiring tiktoker.

Charles Oppenheim

With more than 40 years on the stage (radio host, TV host) and behind the scenes (as a writer, editor and translator), Charles has worked with some of the most relevant journalists in business media, music, film and lifestyle. He was editor of the magazines Expansión and Mundo Ejecutivo, editorial director of the magazine Cine Premiere and founder and editor of the magazine Bon Vivant.. For 25 years he has been the editor of the magazine Pro Ópera and he is currently the artistic director of the San Miguel Opera.

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