Work style

For us, developing communication and content strategy is like creating a solar system. Each piece adds to an intricate system in which everything has place and meaning.

The ABC of creative intelligence.

At ICO we have a philosophy: True creativity is not occurrence, but pertinence. Therefore, we evaluate an idea based on three fundamental points.

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Does it solve a problem?

Does it fulfill a need?

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Is it relevant to the client?

Is it relevant to the user?

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If it involves risk, does

the expected result justify it?



It implies the provider takes charge of a project from start to finish, from conception to delivery. This gives the client control and peace of mind. Delivery times and quality are guaranteed.

At ICO, this contributes to the development of such in-depth knowledge that eventually, our clients say, we get to know them better than they know themselves.


Sidereal marketing

Our approach to developing a content strategy starts from establishing the essential aspects of the brand (DNA) and developing content pillars that gravitate around it.

Solar mining

We carry out in-depth work to achieve a deep understanding of our customers, their industry, products, services and users.

Aerospace scalability

We start out with large content pillars (e.g. an interview with a CEO), and then exploit them in multiple ways in different channels and formats.